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How to reduce fuel consumption

1. Periodic car inspection
In order to achieve better fuel economy, you need to first of all check the condition of the air filter. This is a simple operation that is quickly performed regardless of the type of vehicle you have whether it is an SUV like Jeep or a regular Audi sedan. The thing is that a contamination complicates the flow of air into the engine, which causes an increased consumption of gasoline when driving. The good news is that inspecting and possibly replacing the air filter element will not take much time: take out the filter, estimate the degree of contamination of the working surface. An increased concentration of dust indicates a need for replacement, after which the vehicle’s engine should consume less fuel.

2. Choosing oil
If you want to save on gasoline, remember that the engine’s fuel consumption is related to the proper choice of engine oil. Combustion of the fuel mixture during engine operation causes the movement of the crank mechanism, pistons, camshaft and other components. When the engine parts chafe against each other, the fuel consumption is increased.

3. Tire pressure
Experienced motorists are aware of the effect of air pressure on fuel consumption. Before you hit the road, be sure to inspect this parameter, allowing a pressure increase of not more than by 0.2 atm. from the figures recommended by the manufacturer.

4. Speed
If you want to lower your fuel consumption, you should observe the speed limit, as traveling at high revs is the reason for the increase in the amount of gasoline needed to run the engine.

5. Driving style
A sporty driving style associated with sharp acceleration at increased revs and braking causes an increase in fuel consumption. Therefore, you need to press the gas pedal gently avoiding flooring your car. When driving at low speeds, avoid upshifting to high gears. Keep track of the tachometer needle, as it is better to switch to a higher gear than to hear the roar of the engine, ruthlessly consuming gasoline at 4000 revolutions.

6. Air conditioning
An important factor affecting the increase in gasoline consumption is the air conditioning system. In general, when the AC is on, it increases fuel consumption up to 20%, as the engine consumes gasoline intensively. In addition to the air conditioner, the fuel economy is affected by the fog lamps, heater etc.

7. Decorative elements
Various car mods increase fuel consumption too. The thing is that an increased aerodynamic resistance increases fuel consumption when driving. Therefore, you may want to refrain from installing bigger wheels or a huge rear wing. However, if you do want to get some nice used mods for your vehicle, you may want to check some classifieds ads.

8. Fuel
The use of expensive high-octane gasoline improves the dynamic characteristics of a car. However, we recommend you read the driver’s manual, as it may be possible that fuel with a lower octane number can also be used for your vehicle too.

9. Vehicle weight
The weight of a vehicle affects the consumption of fuel and it is known that small cars consume less fuel. Thus, you want to remove excess things from the luggage compartment that increase the weight of the car.