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Quality Employee Time Clock

The days when bosses mostly experienced issues in tracking the job done, the location and the work schedule of their work staff has been over for a long period of time since the employee time clock was introduced into the system by a highly reputable company called Time Clock Genie. This employee time clock is a free internet tracking software that you can get either on your PC or your mobile device. This software, when installed, will truly perform an extraordinary task that has to do with the tracking of the activities of your employees and even go the extra mile to help you know the mileage of your business vehicle whenever it is taken out of the work premises.  A lot of people who have the perception that things that are free are often not of high quality will really be marveled at what this software is programmed to achieve. There are a number of things that the time clock software is programmed to help you achieve and here are some of them.

Simple Employee Hour Tracking

It is important that each employer knows the number of hours that a worker really spends on a job or at the workplace especially during the period where the payroll is being prepared. In same areas, they might even go to the extent of wanting to know the number of days that was worked and so on. In this case, the employee time clock system will provide you with a lot of ways where you can record and keep all these records accurately without having to go through any difficulty. One of the best employee time clock applications that will provide you with all the necessary report that you need to work with can be gotten from no where but timeclockgenie.com without having to pay any money. In addition to that, this employee tracker software will likewise give the amount of post handling on recorded hours of the worker. This could consist of either weekly or daily overtime of the worker, vacation period, sick periods, etc. all this will be done by the software, which will then reduce the work pressure on you as an employer and make your work easy for you.

Alerts you on Employee’s Schedule

The software comes with a unique feature that allows you to receive very vital alerts either through the e-mails or through text messages. This alert is simply about the time that any of your employees go out of the working place and when he returns. It also notifies you when there is a change of schedule or when the normal work schedule of the employee is fulfilled. Aside from that, it is programmed to notify you whenever any of your workers are sent and they get to their destination, which includes the time they got there, how long there spend there, and the time of departure. This feature is very important since it sends you messages about the movements and schedule of all you employees. It is with no doubt that you can effectively check and track the work schedule of your workers in order to ensure proper efficiency. Therefore get yours as soon as possible and track the activities of your employees even if you are not at the office.