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Top Tips to Manage Computer Network Successfully

Managing a computer network may be a little bit troublesome once a network manager has taken a wrong approach to his work. However, even the most tedious and backbreaking work can be easily done when it’s carefully planned and organized. Today, we’re going to share several simple tips that may help you manage your network better.

Tip 1: Start with Making a Complete Inventory List

Before starting to manage a computer network (especially, if you’re a newly employe manager), it’s always highly recommended to scan it to make an inventory list. You need to do this as without complete data about each device connected to the network, you won’t be able to manage it correctly.

There are two ways on how to make an inventory list: the first way is to do this work manually or you may use an IT inventory software . The second option seems to be more favorable that the first one as your network will be scanned by a special program that is able to reveal all devices connected into it and generate complete reports about each of them.

Tip 2: Sort Out Your Job Duties

A network manager seems to be quite busy with his job duties, and sometimes, he may have lack of time to complete all his tasks on time. However, when the working schedule is carefully planned, he may get enough time to fulfill all his job duties strictly on time.


We recommend you to categorize your working duties according to the level of their importance. For instance, you may always start with the things that directly influence the work of your network. It can be something like troubleshooting an error or starting a new working station. When the most urgent tasks have been completed, you may pass to less important tasks like deploying a new software and end your working day with the duties of the least importance. It can be something like collecting statistics data about the network you’re managing.

Tip 3: Automatize Your Job Duties

If you’re willing to get more spare time to fulfill more tasks during your working day, you may always automatize some of your activities. For instance, you can use a deployment software to deploy several programs simultaneously or use a monitoring software to be able to watch your network continuously.

Here are three simple tips that can help you manage your network effectively.