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Vaporize and Condense!

Approximately 15 billion cigarettes are smoked all over the world, each day. With so many passionate smokers, and so many options for smoking available today, let’s look into cigarettes, hookahs, e-cigarettes, and e liquids, and unravel what makes e liquid so popular.

A decade ago, the medieval trend of smoking hookahs caught on again, and created a buzz the world over. Like most other trends that come and go, people thought hookahs were just another fad that would soon vanish. After all, cigarettes were cheaper and way easier to smoke, than a hookah that had to be assembled and prepared before it could be smoked.

However, hookahs didn’t fade away at all — thanks to their unique offering to smokers all over the world! While smokers found the process of assembling a hookah cumbersome, they still occasionally brought out their miniature models and smoked them with friends, because of the variety of intense flavours that hookah smoking offered, unlike cigarettes.

Soon enough, people started asking for an in-between, and as is wont for inventors to do, they invented the electronic cigarette, popularly known today as a vape stick, or e-cigarette.

How does an e-cigarette work?

An e-cigarette is a pen like device that is completely battery operated, and can be charged with the help of a USB charger.This means, you can charge your e-cigarette with your laptop, too! Essentially, the e-cigarette converts liquid nicotine into vapour, with the help of heat generated within it.The smoker inhales this vaporized liquid nicotine, also known as e liquid and enjoys the experience of a hookah, with the ease of a cigarette. An added advantage of the e-cigarette is that it creates no fire, no ash, nor the distinct unpleasant smell of tobacco. Furthermore, unlike regular cigarettes, e liquid that is used in e-cigarettes does not produce carbon monoxide or tar.

The main similarity e-cigarettes share with regular cigarettes is the ingredient ‘nicotine’. Because nicotine is what gets people addicted to cigarettes, when someone wants to quit smoking, they shift to using nicotine patches or nicotine chewing gums. A lot of people use e-cigarettes for similar reasons. An e-cigarette gives the smoker a true-blue smoking experience with real fumes, and the rush of nicotine, without the main carcinogenic ingredients that are present in ordinary cigarettes.

Apart from nicotine, the other ingredients that go into the manufacture of e liquid are Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerine (VG), and flavouring. Some smokers choose to go for unflavoured e liquid, which tastes slightly sweet, but gives very clean smoking experience, similar to that of a cigarette. However, the larger majority likes to recreate the feeling of smoking a hookah-cigarette in between, and so they opt for a flavoured e liquid, and even experiment with different flavours from time to time.

Today, there are many flavours to choose from when it comes to buying your e liquid or e juice, but,most brands classify their e juices into 6 main flavour categories, which can be further subdivided into a multitude of individual flavours for passionate smokers to try.