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A Beginners Guide to KIK Messenger App

Are you bored of all those simple texting mobile apps? Do you want to text with some amazing interface? You should definitely try out the KIK messenger app. KIK is a different instant messaging platform through which you can send and receive unlimited instant messages. This is very different from any other instant messaging applications and simple to set up.

The advancements in smartphone technology have led to some new messaging trends where you could make use of a cross-platform smartphone application for instant messaging purposes. Lots of youngsters and teens have already started to make use of these apps. If you’re a beginner, here’s a simple guide to help you set up a KIK account:

Setting up a user account in KIK

Unlike other mundane instant messaging apps, KIK doesn’t ask you to record your e-mail address or phone number for creating a user account. You can simply create a messaging account and set up a password to it. You can then search for your friends using their KIK usernames or simply use your contacts list to match up with available KIK users under the same name.

Lots and lots of people have started using KIK, owing to its simple set up and easy interface. Starting from its launch in 2010 to till date, the application has attracted over 100 million users worldwide, and the number continues to grow exponentially. Since teenagers and youngsters are the major users of smartphone applications, the whole lot of them has started to install KIK in their phones.

Why you should get a KIK app?

KIK operates in a simple way and that’s very similar to any normal texting plan in a phone. But the only drawback in any normal texting plan is it comes with a texting limit. When you reach that limit you ought to pay for every text that you send after that. But with KIK you can greatly save such discomforts because you wouldn’t run down on your texting plan. You can simply send and receive any number of texts until you’re connected to your Wi-Fi or any other data connection. KIK also allows you to send media files, like audio, video, GIF files, and images through the application.

Many instant messaging app did not have this option of sharing media files until recently. But KIK still has its own importance because it’s one of the trusted and most used messaging apps. Nowadays people have started using KIK application, like email, as a social media chatting platform, and also as an alternative for those common texting options.

KIK has some unique features that can’t be found in most other messenger application. It has a live typing feature that will show whether the other person is typing any reply or not. It will also notify you if the person with KIK usernames, on the other side of your chat, has received and read your text. This simple interface has greatly attracted many, and on the whole it’s one of the best messenger apps today.