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Google App Inventor: Android Apps easy to play together

Google wants to make one of the biggest advantages of Android now available to the normal user. The talk is the fast and easy programming of own applications for the open source operating system. What was previously reserved for app developers with their specific knowledge is now to make the Google App Inventor mass-effective. Applications are no longer written directly as source code but are created via a graphical user interface.

According to Google, you do not need any programming skills to develop with the App Inventor. With predefined blocks, the tasks of the apps can be quickly defined and combined with drag and drop. Each block then has a number of possible actions that can be further customized. According to the promise of Google, the blocks provided and their actions are to take full advantage of Android’s capabilities. The self-mapped apps can even take advantage of hardware features such as GPS sensors.

Individual actions can be precisely defined

A handful of sample apps shows more applications from the Google App Inventor Beta. At the heart of the presented apps are info and entertainment, learning programs and the help with everyday things. This makes it clear that Google wants to score especially with children and young people and not with professional application developers. 9apps is one of the most useful Android apps today, with this single app, you can do a lot of things.

 Android: Greater choice, more flexibility

Google’s Android system runs on a variety of devices. So there is a huge selection of Android tablets in different price ranges and quality levels. With the comparable technical performance, Android devices are often cheaper than Apple’s iPads. Another advantage of Android: Compared to iOS, the Google system is in some ways more open. The user can more flexibly adapt the user interface to their preferences. He can install apps not only from Google’s Play Store but also from any other source. In addition, like a PC, he can access the file system of his mobile device, rename, copy, and move or delete files there. When connected to a PC, Android tablets usually log on as a USB storage device. This allows the user to easily copy pictures, music or videos between the tablet and the PC. The synchronization of the address book or the term calendar, on the other hand, primarily takes place via Internet-based cloud services. Only some vendors also provide PC software for local synchronization via USB.


Android tablets are mainly for price-conscious and for technical freaks most interesting, who want the full control of their devices All Android tablets and mobile phone in the product finder.

9apps is one the best apps on Android. Using this app, you can not only download multiple different apps but you can also download various games where it is Actions, Sports, Adventures, Music, Puzzles, Trivia, Card, Racing, Casuals, Simulation, Strategy and much more, it is loaded with everything that is enough to entertain you.