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Best Antivirus Applications for Windows

There are very high chances of any computer connected to a network may end up being attacked by a virus or any other malware which might turn out to be a massive risk in more than one ways such as, deletion of important data, public de-classification of confidential data & much more. Sometimes the attack may even be carried out via portable storage devices that are infected with the virus in the first place. The mode of attack might be difficult to anticipate but what is known for sure is that even the smallest attack may lead to huge losses.

The one & only one way to prevent such malware attacks from compromising your personal information, is shielding your computer with the protection of a good antivirus. And on the contrary to most of us’ knowledge, there are free versions of antivirus programs of highly ranked companies available throughout the internet for free. Perhaps a more detailed list of such antivirus might put you into some ease.

Here are the names of few of the best antivirus applications available for free:-

  • Avast free antivirus – A latest addition in the free versions of Avast antivirus had been made in the year 2014. Avast is already one of the most powerful antivirus programs in the world. There is no doubt that its free counterpart will be anything less than that.
  • AVG antivirus free – Yet another effective way to protect your computer from the vicious attacks of malwares is by installing the free version of AVG antivirus 2014. AVG is also a very prestigious company in the field of anti malware production.
  • Bitdefender antivirus – Bitdefender is a well known vendor for computer efficiency maintenance softwares, the free version of antivirus provided by it is also a very good one.
  • Avira antivirus – This anti-malware applications vending company is a well renowned amongst many satisfied users. The chances of the free version of this antivirus being any good are very high.
  • ZoneAlarm antivirus – ZoneAlarm antiviruses are one of the finest when it comes to providing a firewall as an additional protection to existing antivirus for both internal & external securities. The free version of this is definitely a great one.
  • Panda Cloud antivirus – This antivirus vendors strictly maintain their quality when it comes to virus busting; the free version has been defined to do the same too.
  • Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) – This is the inbuilt virus protection facility available with windows operating system for free. Provided that the software data base is updated once in a while, this free ware can do wonders.
  • Ad-Aware antivirus – This is yet another antivirus software which is available for free but serves the purpose of protecting the computer from virtual damage, to the fullest.
  • Comodo antivirus – Comodo is a renowned software vendor, its venture in anti-malware application development is also a successful one and the free version of this antivirus detects & fixes any malicious activities in the computer in a very short time.
  • Outpost security suite – This antivirus vendor provides with one of the best freely available anti malware softwares.

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