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Optimize Metrology Equipment Use With New E-Learning Packages

Anytime you purchase new equipment for your shop, you remember the disruptions, pain, and delays of the training process. But in order to optimize the use of your new equipment, it’s a process you know you have to slog through, whatever it does to your production line in the meantime. Operator and programmer shortages inevitably lead to bottlenecks when you’re sending your metrology-trained staff out of the shop for training sessions. These growing pains were once seen as inevitable, and often a major obstacle to obtaining new equipment, but with the growth of online metrology training and E-Learning programs, training your staff to use and program new metrology equipment and software is less disruptive and more affordable.


One metrology shop, CMM (Canadian Measurement Metrology) offers a wide range of software training programs in their own facilities in Mississauga, as well as a growing suite of online training programs available for purchase. Their in-facility courses include training for:

  • DataPage+
  • SmartReport and SmartCAD
  • Quindos
  • Polyworks
  • MeasureX and MeasureMind
  • and a full range of PC-DMIS programs, including PRO, CAD Levels 1 and 2, and CAD+++ Levels 1-3

The E-Learning programs offered by CMM cover essential metrology software, including PC-DMIS CAD and Portable, and they recently introduced an E-Learning package for MODUS for the Renishaw Equator.

 The Renishaw Equator is a new comparative gauge that measures medium to high volume components at high speeds. Designed for use on the shop floor, it occupies a small footprint while its flexibility makes it equally useful for manual and automatic inspections. A large number of shops are making the move to the Renishaw Equator to cut down on inspection times and take advantage of the new technology, but that always means the trade off of time spent in training.

 The Renishaw Equator is operated with a software called MODUS; an effective E-Learning package for programmers will include demonstrations, labs, and quizzes on issues like creating new parts programs, testing and debugging those programs, setting up MODUS Organizer, and exporting data. Operators, on the other hand, only require a shorter training program, which will show them how to use star clusters, use RPM, hold fixtures, recover from touch probe errors, and clean and maintain the equipment.

Programming and operating are both im learn about CMM software portant skills for your metrology staff to have and using an E-Learning program can also help you cross-train employees. Cross-training helps you reduce labor shortages due to unexpected leaves of absence or family emergencies, reducing inspection bottlenecks. Your staff needs to  for you to make the most of the new equipment you purchase to speed up inspection and produce better quality parts. Luckily, you no longer have to lose your chief programmer for a week at a time to upgrade their skills knowledge. With the programmer or operator staying in-house to update their training, they’re still available for emergencies, half-days, or whatever schedule allows you to keep your production running as per usual. Investing in E-learning for metrology software makes training easy.