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The features of a Cell Phone Spy Software

It is quite common for young children to be well versed with using a mobile phone. And when it comes to little older children, teenagers and the youngsters, they are very busy on the phone every day and it is really very difficult to constantly keep an eye on their activities. Mobile phones are a good way to learn many educational things but what if your child is misusing the gadget? As a parent you will certainly want your child to be safe and not get into things that are not relevant for his/her age. As a solution to this problem, there are many software companies that have developed Mobile spy app that can be used to track your child’s activity. These apps can be used by managers to check on their employee also. They are a great way to know the activities while the child or the employee does not have any idea that they are tracked.

Features of a cell phone spy software

There are many spy software services available for free and on a subscription basis. It is better to choose the subscription services as they guarantee their services and do really work.

  1. Track the SMS and calls: You might get suspicious about many calls and SMS that your child is sending. These apps track the SMS sent and received and you can check them through your login. With this you come to know if they are contacting any particular number.

You can record phone calls or even listen to live calls.

  1. Track the data: You can check the photos, videos, chats and messages that your child sends and receives. You can monitor the photos that are taken from their phone and restrict them from sending.

Tracking all types of data through email, videos, chats etc. can be done through these software services. This will enable parents to know what type of data is being shared with whom.

You can even know the contact list on the child’s phone with the help of a Mobile spy app.

Email is another way with which children can contact the world. There are many spam and dangerous emails that one can receive. You can keep a check on it and ensure your child is not involved in any problematic activity.

You can check and monitor the child’s calendar as well which will help the parent to know the child’s plan in advance and can ensure safety.

  1. You can track the activity on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram etc. Depending on the service provider, you can not only check the URLs visited and messaging system but also the messenger of these social media sites.
  2. You can track the location of your child with live GPS system.
  3. You can set up alerts for various activities like geo-fencing (when the child crosses the area limit that you have set up), geo-profanity, track some codes and keywords used in messages, contact alert when contacting a specific number etc.
  4. You can block many applications like Youtube, social media or other apps that you do not want your child to access.