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Three Questions to Consider When Choosing Casters for Medical Carts

Hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities may own a few to dozens of carts depending on the size of the facility. It’s important to select appropriate medical casters for each cart. A cart with the right type of casters can operate in a safe and efficient way. Look at three questions to ask when selecting casters for a medical cart.

What Type of Cart is It?

Not surprisingly, there are several types of carts that roll around the typical hospitals and clinics. For instance, there are laundry carts used to pick up soiled bed linens, towels, dressing gowns and more. These carts are made to transport dozens of linens to the laundry department. The casters on a laundry cart must be able to handle the weight of these linens. Alternatively, a cart that carries small pieces of medical equipment such as blood pressure sleeves, thermometers, oxygen masks and more should have casters made to support lightweight items.

Where Will the Cart Travel?

The casters on a cart should be able to travel wherever they need to go within a hospital. For instance, the casters on a laundry cart should be durable enough to travel into and out of elevators throughout the day. The casters on an IV pole should be designed to travel quietly down corridors where other patients are resting. Plus, they should easily balance the weight of an IV bag so the patient pushing it feels secure with its movement.

Brakes or No Brakes?

There are some medical carts that are rarely moved. They are refilled with materials where they stand. But, they have wheels in case there is ever a need to change their location. These carts may not need to have brakes because they are not moved daily. Other carts such as IV polls, portable blood pressure monitors, meal carts and rolling computer tables need to have casters with brakes. It may be necessary to stop the cart in a short amount of time to protect the safety of patients or medical personnel. The decision on whether to get brakes on your casters depends a lot on the purpose the cart serves.

Answering these three questions can help you to figure out what type of casters you need for a medical cart. Always be sure that once the casters are on, they operate in exactly the way they are supposed to.