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Top 10 Best Android Games


  1. Snake Game 2013

The snake game has been around since the beginning of mobile gaming, it was the go to go game with the Symbian operating system ruled the phone world and has evolved with every improvement in the mobile platforms. Snake Game 2013 is better improved version of snake available in Google’s play store to download for free. It has better improved captivating color and a fun cartoonish character. The aim of the game is to feed the snake as much as possible while maneuvering and ensuring it does not knock any obstacle. It a rather easy game till the snake becomes lengthy and hard to control.

  1. Fruit Shoot

If you do not mind killing a bear, this is a game for you. Fruit shoot is an archery game where the player is supposed to shoot fruits on bears head. This colorful entertaining game is rather easy to play and available to download for free. It’s addictive popularity has earned it over 5 million downloads from Google play store. More so with every level archived Shoot Fruit takes you to a different iconic place in the world, thankfully its background graphics are rather vivid and detailed. Well if your target is rather poor at least you will manage to giggle when you arrow accidently land on cute lovely bear.

  1. The amazing Spider-Man

The Amazing Spiderman is the official game for the 2012 spider-man blockbuster movie. It’s a thrilling combat game with lots of web slinging action. At cost of 6.99 USD you get chase the Lizard and his minions preventing them from causing mayhem in New York City. This game has amazing 3D graphics however this is only true if your phones graphics themselves are good enough. With up to 25 levels, you get to kick the bad guys with an array of weapons and moves at your disposal. This game nearly brings to life the thrill of swinging from building to building while making your city as safer place.

  1. Zombie Evil

Zombie evil is an arcade action game developed by FT Games and happens to be one of the best zombie shooting games in the Google Play Market online store. In this game you are supposed to fight Dr.Evil’s massive zombie armies that created as a way to destroy the human race. The game is set in the United States and has controls that are easy to adapt to. You get rewarded with a coin for every zombie you kill; these coins can later be used to upgrade your weapon collection. The best part is that this thrilling combat game can be downloaded for free.

  1. Asphalt 7 Heat

Asphalt 7 Heat is the recent arrival from Gameloft; part of their solid arcade racing game series Asphalt. This game grants you over 60 different licensed cars to race with depending on which of its seven classes you playing under. It’s amazing yet challenging tracks situated in different cities around the globe let you enjoy the thrill of racing to the sounds of energetic techno music. More so it creative multiplayer option enables you to race against up to 5 friends locally or strangers online. Its popularity has earned millions of downloads from the Google Play Market. IGN gave it an 8/10 positive review.

  1. Bird Pang For Kakao

Forget the famous Angry Birds, Bird Pang for Kakao is funnier addictive game developed by Gamezen. In this exciting colorful game the player gets to fly bird of colors that have differing unique abilities ranging from fire, thunder and bomb birds. This entertaining game has very easy controls and is easy to master. It is an ok game for all ages. Its simple refreshing ways to kill boredom have earned it millions of downloads from the Google Play online store. The wonderful graphics and merry jingles make it easy on both the eyes and ears. While it’s thrilling combo play features earn you extra bonus points.

  1. Temple Run

Temple Run is also available in Andriod as well as iOS. As stated, Temple Run’s popularity made from its makers Imangi Studios more popular than Zynga. Previously, it was available only in paid version. But gaining a huge popularity, Temple Run is now available in free version. Right from the start the character in the game is running away from some demonic creatures, he keeps running while collecting rewards throughout the game yet having to duck or jump depending on the obstacle head. Despite the fact that the game has characters that differs, their abilities are on the whole the same.

  1. World At Arms

Is a captivating action military strategy game developed by Gameloft? In World At Arms, the player has to build an army to save USA from the dark forces of the KRA. Its social networking aspects allow players to make alliances with other players online in order to win battles. This game enables the player exploit the land, sea and air aspects of military fighting as well as attack and loot fellow players online. The vivid graphics of ultra-realistic game aspects and great war simulations have ensured this games popularity earning it millions of downloads. If you are looking for a battle game to install on your Android device, this game would be a good choice.

  1. Rayman Jungle Run 2

Available at $3.36, Rayman Jungle Run 2 is developed by UbiSoft and powered by their award winning UbiArt Framework engine. This spinoff is very match similar to their earlier game releases of Rayman Jungle Run. Its captivating thrilling fun has it made one of the editor’s choice game applications in Google’s Google Play online store. As you run for your life for your life in the jungle, you get to win rewards and unlock new powers however do not forget to jump or duck otherwise you will end up dead. This game has very easy intuitive controls and can be played by people of all ages.

  1. Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 is an arcade action game developed by Imangi Studios. Its growing popularity has seen it gross over 170 million downloads since it was launched in the Google Play Store. Here the player tries to escape with a cursed idol obtained from the temple. He has to avoid being devoured by evil birds that are chasing him meanwhile he can collect rewards as he runs for his dear life. The game has vivid captivating graphics and a thrilling simulating jingle to run to. The obstacles and organic environment in this edition of Temple Run have been improved and new power ups have also been introduced.

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