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Top Gifts For The Mac Lover On Your List

Starbucks broke out their peppermint mochas, Michael Bublé’s Christmas is on steady rotation on the radio, and you’re having a mini panic attack. Why? The holidays are here, and along with your favorite (yet over-priced) caffeinated pick-me-up, your annual gift-giving anxiety is back in full force.

Palms are sweaty, knees weak, and arms are heavy — this is no rap song. This is the result of fighting your way through the holiday crowds, ducking sharp elbows and textbook perfect hip checks. Shopping doesn’t always come naturally, especially under the barbaric conditions of the holidays when your fellow shoppers are out for a deal and will stop at nothing — not even blood — to get it.

It doesn’t help that your holy grail of presents is so hard to hunt down. You can spend hours and hours searching the shelves and still leave the mall empty handed. Next thing you know, time’s up, and you’re buying a beat-up Harry and the Hendersons DVD from CVS because it’s Christmas Eve and you forgot their MacBook doesn’t have a DVD drive.

If you can’t bare another year watching your loved one accept these gifts with a grace you don’t deserve, it’s time to shake up your usual shopping strategy. Forget about braving the mall or shopping at the last minute. Use this guide of online gifts to find the perfect present for your Mac lover.

Power Bank: the gift of power on the go

BYOD policies and short-term contacts mean work no longer stays within the four walls of their cubicle. More people than ever before are booting up their computers, tablets, and smartphones away from the office. If your loved one ends up at Starbucks to take advantage of their free wi-fi and dark roast, wrap up a power bank this year.

The days they have to leave the café because their battery is critically low when there are no available outlets are over. A power bank will let them continue answering emails and reviewing documents hours after their Mac’s battery dies. These back-up batteries come in all shapes and sizes, but the MyCharge Adventure Ultra is a good choice. Weighing just over one pound, its slim and portable enough they can take it anywhere. It also comes equipped with a 13400mAh battery and USB-C ports compatible with the latest Pro Retina.

MacBook Decal: personalized protection

There’s no doubt the latest Pro Retina is a powerhouse of a machine with a processor capable of most challenges, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at it. It sports the typical Apple minimalist design that’s shared by so many people around the world. Your loved one is just a faceless Mac user whenever they boot up on the go.

A MacBook decal or skin can change everything. When you check out dbrand’s exclusive skin builder, you can choose from a huge selection of colors and textures tailor-made for your loved one’s Mac. Whether you opt for dragon skin, bamboo, marble, or a seasonally-apt combo of red and green, each design is water resistant and scratch protected. Best of all, when  buy MacBook skins online, you can expect fast and free shipping during the holidays.

MagSafe Protector: no more cords unplugged

Apple got a lot of things right with their newest Pro Retina, but they also got a lot of things wrong in the name of innovation. Removing the MagSafe from its battery cord is just one of them. Without it, there’s nothing stopping the cord from popping out, and it usually happens without your loved one noticing.

If you’ve heard them curse the ghost of Steve Jobs every time they search for their cord, you need to get them a snuglet or any of the products listed here. They’re an attachment that stops their cord from falling out, so they won’t get surprised by a low battery pop up every again.

The Bottom Line: get them something useful

Utility: that’s what these Mac-inspired accessories offer. Better than any gag gift or last-second stocking stuffer, a power bank, decal, or magsafe protector solves actual problems your loved one experiences every time they boot up their Pro Retina. There won’t be any fake-smiles and awkward ‘thank you’s if you leave any of these under the tree, so open up a new tab and make an order for these right away.