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Assets are most important assets of any corporation. It is important to provide them good medical facility. One of the medical conditions faced nowadays is sudden-cardiac arrest say SCA. This is the main reason of death in many countries including United States. Actually, 13% on work deaths in the United States result from SCA. As compared to heart attack, it strikes people of any age and with any level of fitness. This condition has only one effective treatment and that is shock from defibrillator as quickly as possible.It is not good news that only a few employers have arrangement for SCA knowing that SCA can lead to death if not treated immediately.Companies do have many fire extinguishers for protection against fire but not even a single AED will be available there.

Availability of AEDs in the workplace creates a huge difference because it is a matter of life & death.  It is important to have AEDs in the office these are strengthening agent for continuance of survival chain. These help in restoring normal rhythm of heart in the victims of SCA. There are newly introduced portable AEDs available nowadays that are good at making more people respond to medical emergencies in case of need for defibrillation.


The above phrase Expect the Unexpected: 3 Reasons to Have an AED in the Workplace reveals the importance of AEDs in the workplace. AEDs life-saving need is for the following reasons.

  1. Defibrillation within initial 3 minutes of the SCA enhances survival chances up-to 70%. It is good to give shock within 1 minute of collapsing because it increases survival rate up-to 90%.
  2. It is necessary to call 911 but it will take time for their reaching at the spot. Average time between making a call and getting shock is 9 minutes.
  3. AEDs are recommended by health departments in workplace. These may also be required by the recent legislation where employers would be required to ensure their availability.

AEDs availability practice has been followed by companies like Merrill, Coca Cola and Honey-well etc.


Expect the Unexpected: 3 Reasons to Have an AED in the Workplace leads to thought about the attributes of AEDs to ensure maximum effect.

AEDs must be those that come with the following features;

  • AEDs must have capability for dual language where respondents can select between 2 different languages. By touching a button should change prompts to required language without any need to restart the device or without causing any other delay.
  • Voice prompts must be there to guide users` during rescue situations
  • Text screen is good to be there to run in the tandem along with voice prompts. It is particularly important in case of location being noisy environments. Valuable information about rescuing must be there.
  • It must be capable of deciding how much shocks are needed.

So expect the Unexpected: 3 Reasons to Have an AED in the Workplace can help you decide about health of your employees which is directly related to your business.