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8 Reasons that power the need for a Virtual Private Server

Are your competitors scoring over you because your site lacks the facilities to meet your customers’ needs? Is the Virtual Private Server your website is on hindering your business growth instead of supporting it? If yes, and if you are ready for serious growth, there is a way to correct this situation by looking for an affordable VPS hosting that can offer unique benefits.

A clear understanding of VPS will equip you for a decision on whether this option is great for your company. If you’re managing a budding business website, the scalability and dedicated resources of a VPS will allow you to offer a better experience for your users.

You might want to have a look at these 8 strong reasons that drive the need for a Virtual Private Server hosting for your website.

  1. You are running a small and medium-sized business: There is a cut-throat competition online. If your business largely relies on your website, then you absolutely cannot allow a hosting plan to spoil its performance. It must operate with uninterrupted efficiency. The efficacy of a VPS is as good as that of a dedicated server. It gives its clients guaranteed access to server assets, besides extreme security. It provides great satisfaction to the clients with its easy data accessibility and improved browsing speed.
  2. You realise that your site must be ready to handle the traffic volume: If you are working out strategies after strategies to draw more traffic, but if the website slows down even for some time, it might cost important business. This can be easily changed by using a VPS. It adeptly tackles medium-to-high traffic. And this is because, unlike in a Shared server, its virtual machine (VM) does not get disturbed by other sites’ traffic demands. While several tenants can share VMs that inhabit on the same physical server, every VM is prohibited from interacting with VMs which are owned by other tenants. Thus it is a server which, although not physically separate, is logically private.
  3. You have to host sensitive data or have specific security concerns: A VPS plan is the best choice in this case as it ensures that your source and data files stay secure and totally inaccessible to other customers. With a Virtual Private Server, you can promise complete privacy of data to your customers. The same can be achieved by a Dedicated server as the providers of a Dedicated hosting server employ extreme security measures for the data stored on their server network. They deploy several software programs that can scan systems and networks and identify obtrusive invaders, spammers, and hackers. However, a VPS proves to be the best option for an SMB since it is cost effective and scalable.
  4. You need flexibility of hosting plans to facilitate your rapidly growing business: You have sown the seeds for a big business, carrying the hope that it will grow into a big plant someday but you can’t accurately predict when this plant will bear fruits. It may take time, it may grow soon. A VPS plan will provide the flexibility that your company’s growth needs, without having to commit to major monthly overhead. Even if you are growing steadily, a dedicated server may still not be necessary.
  5. You have to support a business with high variability of demand: There are businesses which experience considerable rise in traffic during particular seasons. For instance, financial services, ecommerce, wedding-related enterprises and tourism, all have their own business cycles with subsequent traffic rush on their respective sites. VPS can be safely considered as an effective solution in such cases since these businesses can effortlessly and swiftly add or take off virtual machines to contain the teeming traffic needs.
  6. You have a business that generates over 20% of its revenue online: Such a business can be called an ecommerce business. And this calls for a strong website. The website can’t remain offline or slow even for a little time, as that can drive existing and potential customers away before the desired sales. A VPS plan gives you a 100% uptime and high efficacy, resulting into a high conversion rate.
  7. You need the benefit of on-demand hosting resources: VPS can prove to be a perfect choice in this case. Consider a promotion by a customer that rapidly drives a staggering amount of traffic to your site in a very short span; or you have to shortly sponsor an event which would see a huge number of potential customers, and you are not in a position to deploy the expensive Dedicated Hosting solution for this quick event; a VPS plan’s uncanny scalability in memory, disk space and CPU, provide you with the benefit of on-demand resources that help you meet such dynamic needs.
  8. You understand how dearly a sluggish site can cost your business: If you really understand that, you would know the importance of a Virtual Private Server. In fact, no business can afford to lose business revenue like that. A fully-managed VPS plan can easily save you huge revenues. With its unlimited bandwidth, high speed and highly scalable database, VPS allows domain owners or visitors across the globe a 100% uptime across the globe. You get data accessibility speed without having to pay for a Dedicated server.


When you start a business, it is always advisable to spend your valuable time in building your business, rather than in managing server loads and hosting environment. A VPS plan offers useful management options at lucrative prices. The best thing about a Virtual Private Server plans is that your virtual machine can be moved to a Dedicated Hosting transparently whenever necessary without your customers even noticing the migration.

So, what do you think? Time to upgrade to a VPS plan?