Technology Boot

Collecting and Storing Big Data in The Easiest Way Possible

The best way to store your data isn’t on a batch of 2TB hard drives that you keep in a safety deposit box. You need solutions that integrate seamlessly into your life, and your business. When a crisis arises, you need to know that everything on your end is going to be completely okay. You need archive storage solutions that work for you; not that you have to work for.

The Problem of the Digital Age

We’re seeing more media and capturing more information and data than ever before. In the old days, a full terabyte could contain the entire library of Congress—twice. Now, our media and files are so much larger, and we’re converging with them on multiple scales. Every single day, more and more media and data is shared. You need to get ahead of the curve, and maintain a proper data storage solution that’s going to allow you ample access, without tying up all of your time. You shouldn’t be the one sending attachments and chunks of data—your solutions system should be able to do that for you with the click of a button.

Archive Storage to Fit Your Needs

Whether you’re towing a bunch of data in large chunks, or scattered files that stack up to be one big cache, you need solutions that are going to work tirelessly for you. Automated systems that maintain the integrity of your data and files, even when disaster strikes. No matter what solution you need for your data storage, MelroseInc has exactly what you’re looking for.