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Global Secured has come up with a new system for mobile security

Technology is changing the way we live and do our daily activities. This is the age of the internet and computers. You do everything using the internet. The advent of the smartphones has thrown the computers into oblivion. People are transacting business online. This requires maintaining high levels of security. Otherwise, you face the risk of losing your data and with it your fortunes as well. Until recently, you had the Blackberry PGP Encryption to protect your phone and your data inside it. However, hackers have managed to infiltrate this system thereby necessitating the use of a better and stronger security system.

Global Secured has undertaken the responsibility of replacing the existing PGP encryption system with a stronger security algorithm known as Elliptical Curve Cryptography. This is a new technology as far as mobile phone security is concerned. However, the algorithm is an old one with the defense establishments using it for transmitting their signals securely.

This advanced technology comes in the form of a separate application in your mobile phone. It is enclosed in a separate partition independent of your phone memory. Hence, you need an individual access code to enter into the system. You have the responsibility of deciding the access codes. There is no need to depend on the third party service providers. Hence, you can eliminate them from the scene. This adds to the security feature.

The advantages of using this system are many. Let us look at a couple of them in this blog.

Youngsters like instant messaging a lot. You would always find many instant messaging apps installed in any smartphone you come across. The advantage of instant messaging is that you can correspond online with your friends. Now, there is no need for you to save these messages on your phone because the interaction is online. You might even share confidential information over this instant messaging system.

Under the circumstances, you risk compromising your data when you store your messages. You do have the option of deleting your messages subsequently. Your recipient may also do so but the messages do remain in the transit servers for some period of time. This could be enough for the hackers to access in collusion with service providers.

In the ECC 521 system, you have the option of deleting the messages as soon as the recipient reads them. You can also set a time delay of say 24 hours for deleting the messages. This system ensures to delete the messages from both the phones as well as the transit servers. This makes the system pilfer proof.

The existing PGP system ensures to encrypt the messages before sending them across. However, it omits to encrypt the sender and buyer information, the message headers, and other types of messages such as voice messages and pictures or videos. This can pose a security risk. In addition, it does not encrypt the exchanges between the phone and the servers. The ECC 521 improves upon the same by taking care of every shortcoming of the PGP system. Hence, it is more effective.