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How to monitor Mobile and windows computer through spy app

Technology has great influence over the years worldwide. Everyone has tech devices in hands such as mobile phones and computer windows. These devices have made the people full dependent to it; we see devices in banks, offices, and stores, governments, in homes and most importantly in our kids and teens hands in the shape of smartphones. Let put it in this way, how can we monitor these devices in offices being an employer and of our kids and teens being parents?

Before monitoring the cell phones and computer windows through spy app, we need to know why we need to do that. There are plenty of reasons in order to track the electronic devices that force us to keep an eye on every single activity a user does on the mobiles and windows computer machines.

There are two types of communities that have to monitor the device one is parents in order protect them from online dangers and the second one is employees that want to keep an eye on employee’s productivity.   Let’s discuss how to monitor mobile and windows computer through spy app.

How to monitor Mobile and Computer windows?

Whether you are employers, parents or someone else you can monitor mobile and windows computer through spy app. The cell phone and PC’s tracking app bundle of features that allow a user to track the target device completely. Here are some following features which allow a user to track the devices.

Track Mobile and Window device through internet browsing

The cell phone monitoring app enables a user to view all the activities performed by the target user on mobile or windows machine. The user can use internet browsing of the surveillance app to get their hands on the browsing history of the device. You can view the websites a target user has visited along with the complete time stamp.

Monitor IM’s logs through IM’s Social Media

If you think your kids and teens are addicted to using instant messaging apps on the devices such as mobile phones and on the windows computer. Then you need to use the IM’s social media of the monitoring software. It enables a user to view IM’s logs IM’s text messages, IM’s conversations, shared media files video and messages and VOIP calls.

Track keystrokes applied on device –Keylogger

Most of the devices can be protected through keystrokes such as password keystrokes, SMS keystrokes, Messenger keystrokes and E-mail keystrokes. The user can get their hands on all type of keystrokes applied to lock the certain stuff. The mobile tracking app allows users to view all the keystrokes applied and get access into the device with the help of the keylogger.

Spy on messages

Sometimes the user wants to view the sent and received messages on the target devices, spy on messages of the cell phone monitoring software allows users to view the messages. The user can view all types of messages such as iMessages, MMS, BBW chat messages and heads up tickers notification.

Screen Shots

The screenshots of the smartphone and PC’s surveillance software enable a user in the shape of employers to get screenshots of the employee’s devices in order to view what is running on the windows machine remotely.

Remotely device control

The Mobile and PC’s tracking app enables a user to remotely control the device. The user can block internet, block incoming calls on a cell phone, block text messages, view installed apps, a user can even set their own monitoring preferences.

Screen recording

Through screen recording of TheOneSpy cell phone spy software, a user can do the recording of the screen of a target device and view all activities performed on the device until the time a user login on the device and to the time log out on the device. The user can make short 1 minute back to back videos of the screen of the mobile or windows computer.


If you are looking for a tool to monitor mobile phone or windows machine, then you can trust on the cell phone & Mac spy software. It will provide you a great deal of efficiency and accuracy.