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Use Timesheet Software For Calculating Employee Working Hours

Surveys have shown that organizations which use timesheet software can keep a track of the time of their employees in a much better and organized way. Timesheet softwares are widely found on the internet which you can use for free and for premium features and you can also buy them at a reasonable cost. The best part of using timesheet software is that it is very simple to understand and anyone can use it without any hassle. It is easy and time saving in this world where printed timesheets are a thing of the past. There are many companies that can provide you the best services so do check for the best quote with them.

Most of the business owners use Microsoft Excel to do various kinds of business related work. If you know how to use Excel, then managing this software is going to be a piece of cake for you. It is one of the most accurate ways to track the timings of the employees working in your company and it is very simple to implement. Though there is a “time clock” calculating mobile application, but if you are looking for a time spreadsheet to measure employee hours, then the Excel timesheet solution is the best and free of cost option for you. Let’s now understand how can you use it.

The Three Step Process of Using Timesheet Software

When we talk about any software, the first thing that comes to our mind is that whether it is complicated to use. And the second thing which keeps coming to our mind is that whether or not it will keep our data safely recorded.

Talking about the first thing which most of the business owners are worried about, here is a three step process on how easily you can use the timesheet software for your convenience, after implementing it.

  1. Fill in the necessary information – By Employer

This is the first and foremost step which you will be dealing with while using the timesheet. All you have to do is to fill in the vital details of your employees, which you want to keep records of, in this software. Some of the information which is needed for timesheet to work properly are as follows:

  • Name of your company
  • Name of your employee
  • Name of the Manager or Team Leader of individual employees
  • The starting date of the pay period
  • The standard rate of pay of your employee
  • The pay rate of your employee during over-time

These are the most basic information which you have to put in, in this timesheet software.

  1. Fill in the Required Details – By Employees

The employees also need to fill in some basic details so that the software can work correctly on calculating the hours they have worked. These details are as follows:

  • Record the working days they are present in the organization
  • Record the dates they have come into the office
  • The shift timing, if it is a shift-oriented job
  • Writing the shift code
  • Recording their in time and out time along with the period of break they are taking.
  • Any other hours which comprises of over-time, vacation, sick leave and holidays.
  1. Signing and Calculating

At the end of the day or month, as per the protocol of your organization, make the employees sign their timesheets and send it to the managers or the human resource authorities. They will easily check the time sheets and calculate the working hours of each employee with precision as recorded in the software.

What are the benefits of using timesheet software?

There is a long list of advantages which you can enjoy if you opt for the timesheet software to calculate the working hours of your staff. The advantages are given below. Read and enjoy!

Benefits of Timesheets which are Automated in nature

  • The processing time during payroll is done within minutes
  • Easy reporting as it is well categorized into employee, client, job and shift
  • One can save ten percent of the cost under gross payroll
  • Company track record is clean and clear with unchangeable inputs during the audit
  • Time entries on each day are consolidated
  • Easy approval from any device – laptop, mobile phone or desktop
  • Cloud storage possible for keeping records safe and permanent

Disadvantages of using the Excel Spreadsheets over Timesheets

  • Excel spreadsheets are unable to offer automatic reports when searched by the name of the employee or client, job and shift details which makes it a time consuming process
  • Entries are needed to be made multiple times each and every day
  • Takes forever to process during the payroll time, even with the help of an accountant
  • Can be erased from hard drives of the computer if not kept backup
  • There is a high probability of disputes being raised regarding wage and working hours during the audit

To avoid all the hassles of using a spreadsheet, it is a wise idea to use timesheets as hours tracker which are a blessing to all organizations. Shift to timesheet today!