AccessiBe -Cost Effective and Powerful AI Empowered Solution for Web Accessibility

Everyone has a fundamental right to web accessibility, including people with physical disabilities. Both the ADA and the WCAG 2.1 guidelines have imposed a legal mandate on companies to ensure their sites are accessible to everyone. In the past, some major companies like Nike, Amazon, and Domino’s Pizza were slapped with web accessibility lawsuits. The 2011 case of Netflix is a landmark accessibility lawsuit in the USA. Today, businesses are now working on arresting web accessibility issues to avoid costly unwanted fines and litigation.

AccessiBe – Making web accessibility faster and affordable

AccessiBe is a leading name in the field of web accessibility. It is an innovative solution empowered with artificial intelligence technologies to make site adjustments for accessibility and compliance. Today, online shopping has increased tremendously due to the covid restrictions in several parts of the globe. It will persist in having a lot of importance even after these isolation limits are lifted.

People with disabilities constitute a large community, have spending power, and want to be online and shop for their needs.

Guidelines for business sites

Guidelines under The World Wide Web Consortium’s Web Accessibility Initiative focuses on four principles for content on the web. They are as follows-

  1. Perceivable– This means the site should be presented to users in the ways they should perceive.
  • Operable- Should be operable by any user.
  • Understandable- Should understand the operation and information of the interface.
  • Robust- The content must be accessible even as user agents and technologies evolve.

The above guidelines also include time and text-based media options, compatibility with assistive technologies, and keyboard functionality. WCAG is the standard that these sites should comply with. In fact, web accessibility is a costly affair, and many businesses in the past were worried about the financial hardship they had to undertake to make their sites compliant with the above guidelines.

Arrest web accessibility issues faster

This is where this innovative solution stepped in to arrest the problems of costs and time. It deploys two components that attain WCAG compliance together. The application in the foreground manages the UI or the user interface and the requirements for design accessibility, permitting persons that have specific disabilities to adjust the UI of the site and design to their personal needs. They include color and font handling, content highlights, and audio muting with a search engine to permit people with cognitive disorders to understand the meanings of phrases and words. The background application is empowered with artificial intelligence and machine learning that optimizes the levels of accessibility of the site after 24 hours.

AccessiBe works with many browsers, and it is a session-based unique tool that makes adjustments to the site after it is completely rendered and loaded. There is no difference in the browsing experience for a user who has not activated any kind of web accessibility features.It uses a single line of JavaScript from your site to make it completely accessible in under 48 hours. Upon completion, business owners get an Accessibility Statement for their reference to display the site adheres to all ADA and WCAG 2.1 standards.

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