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All You Need To Know About Managed Cloud Hosting


In the past few years, there has been a massive adoption of cloud services for all their feasible, accessible, and security features. Similarly, Cloud Hosting solutions are also getting increasingly popular amongst web hosting services for the scalable, flexible, reliable, and budget-friendly hosting services they offer. 

If you need the best Cloud Hosting solution for your business website, you need to consider several factors, including website uptime, performance, security features, number of resources, and more. One such critical factor includes choosing between a Managed and Unmanaged web hosting service. 

This article takes you through what Managed Cloud Web Hosting is, when you need it, and what benefits it offers to your website. 

What is Managed Cloud Hosting? 

Before understanding Managed Cloud Hosting, let us quickly brush up through what is Cloud Hosting. Cloud Hosting is a hosting solution that stores your website’s data and files across multiple Cloud Servers, unlike traditional hosting that stores the website data in a single physical server. 

Managed Cloud Hosting is a Cloud Hosting solution where all the server management, administration, maintenance, and security tasks are managed and taken care of by your Cloud Host provider. It means you need not worry about server upkeep, hardware installation, and system maintenance right from the moment you purchase your web hosting plan. 

What are the benefits of Managed Cloud Hosting? 

Reliable Managed Cloud Hosting solutions offer the following benefits to businesses. 

  1. High reliability and security

Cloud Hosting architecture is highly reliable, redundant and secure itself due to the cloud architecture. However, when you opt for a Managed Cloud Hosting solution, your website gets an additional level of security. 

In Managed Cloud Hosting, security experts and professionals use powerful tools and technologies like malware scanners, antivirus software, DDoS prevention applications, and more. Furthermore, they take utmost measures by updating systems, firewalls and conducting periodic audits as it is your hosting provider’s responsibility to protect your website against any security threats. 

  1. Backups and disaster recovery

Even if you choose the best Cloud Hosting in India, reliable backup and disaster recovery strategies are critical. 

Backups ensure that you always have the latest version of website copy readily available whenever you need it during times of disaster. With Managed Cloud Hosting, your web hosting company takes routine and regular backup of your website to overcome the risks of data loss. 

  1. Cost-efficient 

Cloud Hosting is a cost-effective hosting service as it comes with a pay-as-you-go model, allowing you to only pay for the web hosting resources your website consumes. 

With Managed Cloud Server in India, you get technical support and professional expertise with your hosting; hence it can cost more than an Unmanaged or Cloud Hosting service. 

However, this hosting solution eliminates the need to hire additional technical experts or a dedicated team to help you manage and maintain your server when you don’t have much in-house expertise. 


Therefore, when we think long-term, with Managed Cloud Hosting, you get guaranteed performance, uptime, and security. Furthermore, when your hosting provider ensures and takes utmost measures to back up your server and mitigate disasters, you can rest assured that your server is and will function smoothly and uninterrupted 24/7. 

Thus, Managed Cloud Hosting can be an ideal hosting solution for your business if you need high technical support and expertise to help you manage your server so you can concentrate on expanding your business to a wider reach.