Encrypt PDF – how it works

If you send confidential information as a PDF attachment, for example, it makes sense to encrypt the document. There are various options for encrypting a PDF. We present you with an efficient and free program below.

How to encrypt a PDF document

Encrypting a PDF is quick and easy with the free PDF creator. You can also use AnyPDF tool to password protect pdf file online, among other things.

  • After you have called up the PDF Creator, first select the appropriate folder and click the PDF or, alternatively, the document that you want to convert to PDF.
  • The document is then displayed in the upper right area and you drag it or the corresponding page into the lower right area.
  • In the upper right menu area, click either “Save document as” or “Save all documents as”.
  • In the “Formatting Settings” menu, select the “Security” option in the “PDF” section.
  • Here you can enter passwords for encryption and for opening the PDF. You can also select the permissions that you want to grant the recipient.
  • After you have clicked the “Next” button, just enter a file name and select the file type if necessary.
  • Tip: Before you pass on the encrypted PDF, try briefly whether the document can really only be opened with a password or whether you have entered the password correctly. You should either remember the password or write it down somewhere. If you have any questions, it doesn’t look very professional if you no longer know yourself.
  • Of course, you will send the password for the PDF document to the recipient in a separate email.
Paul Petersen

Paul Petersen

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