How A Good Website Design Can Improve The Site Ranking


Website design is significant to the optimization of the brand; a web designer, therefore, embarks on a mission to give the website a new look. However, web design can play a top role in the ranking of that website. Redesigning your website is easy, as there are many top Denver web design companies to give your site a facelift. Some factors play a vital role in optimizing your website, and below are five ways a good website design can improve your site ranking.

Improved page speed

The loading speed of your page is an important factor used by Google for its ranking. A page that loads speedily is bound to please the users and, therefore, keep them coming back. When a website has a fast loading speed, it automatically has an excellent UX that ultimately leads to advanced conversions. Denver web design companies need to consider these when designing the web and stay away from large images and flashes.

Providing the Ideal Heading Tag

Another component of a good web design that improves ranking is the proper use of heading tags. Good web design has clear headings that give visitors the chance to properly see what the page offers them. The heading tag is what attracts users and not the content. Search engines also use these heading tags to rank pages as it tells them what the post entails. Good web design makes use of worthy headings while factoring in color and contrast to rank higher on google searches.

Ideal Domain Name

Good website design comes with the perfect domain name to represent your business on the internet. The name of a site matter in the ranking, therefore it is suggested that you also add relevant keywords to the domain name. How does it help in site ranking? It helps you retain your ranking status even when you update your domain name to something different.

Blog Section

Good web design always comes with a blog section to provide recent, updated content on the platform daily. This is beneficial to a site ranking because search engines are always on the look-out for new content when ranking. Top Denver web design companies recognize this and suggest a blog section to most website owners. New content gives you an SEO advantage by engaging your audience. Additionally, as you update your content, the website size goes higher and therefore gives you an edge due to the number of pages and internal links.

A good web design automatically affects the site ranking; expert web designers know this and therefore employ all factors like speedy loading, excellent UX, and simple navigation in ensuring a site ranks higher.