How To Choose Between SSD And HDD For Your VPS Hosting?

Website hosting is all about choices. You have a wide range of choices of hosting platforms between VPS hosting and other platforms. Even within VPS, we get a choice between different VPS hosting plans. But choices in VPS hosting are not limited to plans. VPS hosting in India and elsewhere allows you to choose hardware and software resources. In India VPS hosting, the choices are HDD and SSD.

The choice between an HDD and an SSD is a crucial decision. Though both are storage technologies, they vastly differ in how they operate and the performance they offer. A Linux VPS server can be fast or faster, depending on your selection. While an HDD has the advantage in cost, an SSD excels at almost everything else. Your choices will depend on what you want for your website.

Here are some pointers to help you choose between SSD and HDD when you buy VPS hosting.

1. You want a reliable platform

Reliability is the hallmark of a successful website. A site that keeps crashing or behaves unexpectedly loses its credibility and ultimately, its users. An SSD is a reliable hosting medium. It does not have any moving parts, making it less prone to breakdowns. So if you want your website to be reliable, choose SSD VPS hosting.

2. You want a fast-performing website

An SSD offers almost 300% more performance than a traditional HDD. A hard disk uses revolving magnetic disks to store data and an actuating head to read that data. Though it is fast, it is not fast enough to keep up with an SSD that uses flashing to read and write data. If you want a website with fast performance, choose SSD VPS hosting.

3. You want a robust hosting solution

The hardware of all kinds is subject to routine wear and tear and ultimately has to be replaced. With its moving parts, a regular hard disk experiences more wear and tear than an SSD with no moving parts. An SSD lasts longer than a hard disk. If you want a robust and dependable hosting platform, choose SSD VPS hosting.

4. You’re looking for efficient hosting

Efficiency increases performance, even if it does so indirectly. An efficient hosting platform ensures that it does not put too much load on resources and uses them optimally to maximise performance and reduce operating costs. An SSD consumes much less power and generates less heat than an HDD while operating. If you’re looking for efficiency, choose SSD VPS hosting.

5. You want value for money

In web hosting, cheap is not always cheap and more expensive is sometimes the more sensible choice. An SSD is more expensive than an HDD, and consequently, SSD VPS hosting costs more than regular VPS hosting. But the improvements and the performance that SSD offers more than justify the higher costs. And the difference between the two is not that much either. Choose SSD VPS hosting if you want value for your money.

Now that you know the differences between SSD and HDD VPS hosting, it should be an easy choice for you. Do you want low cost or higher performance, better dependability and better stability?

Clare Louise

Clare Louise

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