How To Promote Your Reseller Hosting Business?

As the world is adjusting to a new normal, businesses are going online to remain accessible to their customers. As such, the demand for web hosting is steadily growing. It is a good time to be in the hosting business. But it requires a substantial initial investment to set up the necessary infrastructure. However, Reseller Hosting offers you the quickest and the most economical way to get into web hosting.

Reseller Hosting in India is gradually catching on. Becoming a Hosting Reseller is as easy as choosing from a range of Reseller Hosting plans offered by a reputed hosting provider. Linux Reseller Hosting is especially popular. While getting into the Reseller Hosting business is easy, it still takes efforts to make it a success. Apart from offering reliable hosting service, you must promote your business to gain traction in a crowded market.

Here’s how you can promote your Reseller Hosting business.

  1. Market your business

The most obvious way to promote your business is through marketing. Use multiple channels of marketing to extend your reach. With the new digital formats, traditional media like flyers and magazine advertisements will help you reach an untapped market. Also, use Google Adwords to get featured among the results on one of the biggest search engines in the world.

  1. Use social media

Unlike advertising, social media allows you a more organic reach out to your potential customers. A good social media campaign will get you more results than an advertisement. You can also choose to advertise on various social media platforms to further leverage its reach. Social media connects you directly with your customers and offers more quantifiable results which can be measured for their effectiveness.

  1. Work on your SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) enables your site to feature prominently in search results on popular search engines. It is more effective because it is an organic way of promoting your business. Consider investing some money and effort in SEO, and it will pay dividends. The stronger your SEO is, the higher your position in the search results will be. Just be aware that Search Engine Optimisation is an ongoing process.

  1. Offer customised plans

As a reseller, there’s one thing that you can offer which regular hosting providers cannot; customised hosting plans. For the regular hosting providers, it is not financially viable to customise plans as they have a lot invested in the infrastructure. You, on the other hand, have the freedom to customise your offerings as your only investment is the Reseller Hosting plan.

  1. Run offers and discounts

You can run various offers and discounts on a regular basis to attract more customers. Discount offers, especially around the time of festivals will surely get you more signups if your offers are sensible enough. Just make sure that you are not eating too much into your profits with these offers. Once new clients are signed up, it is then up to the quality of your service to keep them coming back.

You can also check out the following video for a quick guide to marketing your Reseller Hosting business:

That’s it. If you market your Reseller Hosting business in the right way, it will be easier to promote it to the right audience.

Clare Louise

Clare Louise

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