MilesWeb Review: Inexpensive Shared Hosting Services for Beginners

Are you getting started with your new website/blog? 

You must be well aware that every website needs a hosting service to go live on the internet. Hosting services are an essential part of digital businesses. Websites can’t run or receive traffic if they are not IBM support hosted on a proper platform.  

However, many people fail to find the best cheap web hosting provider. Because of low-quality hosting services, their websites do not perform as expected. So, quality services are also essential if looking for a provider.

MilesWeb web hosting services are apt. They will help increase engagement, traffic, rankings and get better at all areas. 

There are several web hosting services. As a beginner, shared hosting will provide you with appropriate hosting. You will receive sufficient resources and server space. In fact, you will get more than required. As per the requirements of the website, you can utilize the resources.

Plus, you will get what you purchase. There won’t be compromisation in the amount of resources given.

The Gist of Shared Hosting

There are many web hosting services, including shared hosting. Each hosting service differs according to the need of the website. As you have a new or small-medium sized website, shared hosting will be efficient. 

Shared hosting is a hosting type that will store your website’s content on the webserver. The webserver will help visitors browse the files and contents on the website. 

When you opt for shared hosting, you get a server space and needed resources. That means you share the server with a lot of many users. The cost of shared hosting is also low because the amount gets divided among all users.

Since MilesWeb is inexpensive, you can buy affordable shared hosting at an even lower rate. They frequently run discounts and let users renew at the same price they purchased. So, you will enjoy utmost benefits from the same.

Quality web hosting services have a positive impact on the website. If your host is not a quality services provider, you will face too many hurdles. It will affect the growth of the business. 

But with quality hosting services, you can have a better running website that will attract a good number of visitors and encourage sales. 

MilesWeb Web Hosting Services

MilesWeb has 3 shared hosting plans with all required features. The packages are created after ensuring different website needs. If you have a personal website, a Solo shared hosting plan will be perfect for you. You only pay Rs.60/m after the discount of 70%. 

There are two other plans as well – Prime and Multi. If you have a small-medium sized business website, you can go for Prime. And if you have multiple such websites, Multi is a good option. 

Prime costs Rs. 195/m and Multi plan is available for Rs. 255/m. However, you can only benefit from the discount if you purchase any package for at least three years. Otherwise, you will pay regular hosting prices.

Depending upon your website requirements, opt for any shared hosting plan. 

MilesWeb also provides great features apart from inexpensive services. You can grow your business to a great height by choosing MilesWeb web hosting. Once you start receiving heavier traffic, switch the hosting.

Beginners generally start with shared hosting as it provides value for money. New websites have fewer requirements. The resources available at shared hosting are more than enough to grow. Once you get big, you can opt for better hosting. By then, shared hosting is economical and perfect. 

Advantages of Hosting with MilesWeb

Free Domain

On buying a Prime or Multi shared hosting plan, get one free .com domain for the first year of purchase. Again you must purchase the plan for 1/3years to get the offer.

Free SSL Certificate

SSL certificates secure and protect essential data on the server. It replaces HTTP in your URL with HTTPS. Very few companies provide free SSL, and MilesWeb is one of those providers.

24/7 Support

Get 24/7 human assistance for all your queries. Any time you have any issue, the expert team will provide the best support. 

30 Days Money Back

Even though you will not need to exit the hosting plan, but MilesWeb offers guaranteed money back. You can request the refund within the first 30days of purchase, and they will happily initiate it. 

Website Builder

MilesWeb has a free website builder tool. You can use the drag and drop function to create a beautiful website. They also offer free templates and themes so you can select the best. 

1-Click Installer

Install more than 400 web applications, including WordPress at one click, with the 1-click installer. 


There are several web hosting services, but shared hosting works perfect for new and small-medium sized websites. You can get affordable services from MilesWeb, with all required resources and features. 

Hector Beattie

Hector Beattie

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