SAN Storage Demands Surge, IDC Reports 10% Growth

The data storage companies are strengthening, whatever the lackluster performance in the economic recovery. Partially initiated by growing data demands, sales have elevated along all product groups, including space for storage systems (SAN) and network attached storage (NAS).

Revenue for your industry elevated by more than 10% within the this past year, reports the world Data Corporation (IDC). The IDC reports rise in all areas in the data storage market, while capacity shipped expires 40% over last year’s figures.

Since the data tide is constantly expand worldwide, companies made to get rid of the “big data” industry and growing volumes of understanding are expanding and improving their data storage hardware solutions.

However, all this expansion can get pricey. Many enterprises don’t stop and consider the cost of maintaining their data storage hardware solutions. It becomes an foolish decision, as maintenance is an important aspect of the storage system and could constitute a considerable a part of overall IT expenses.

The cost of looking after your data storage might be extreme, but you’ll find cost cutting solutions. Most IT company company directors are shocked to uncover another maintenance solution that could reduce their maintenance costs up to 40%.

Data Storage Maintenance Options

Typically, companies only had a couple of techniques to keep data storage systems running:

  1. Renew Maintenance Hire the OEM
  1. Upgrade the data Storage System

Options 1 and a pair of don’t really permit cost reduction in the IT budget. First, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) may charge expense for restored maintenance contracts, which doesn’t strengthen your primary point here. Second, new data storage systems aren’t necessary once the storage method is already meeting the data demands from the organization. Option three is the greatest alternative:

  1. Employ a third party maintenance company

third party maintenance offers cost savings, flexible contracts, and efficient service.

Benefits of third party Maintenance

Outstanding Cost Savings: Typically, a business can spend around 70% in the IT budget strictly on maintenance costs. third party maintenance is a superb choice to pricey OEM service contracts, as consolidating and simplifying maintenance contracts is able to reduce costs up to 40%.

Hector Beattie

Hector Beattie

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