Memory Booster – Clean & Boost


Smart devices are one of the most important devices in our lives. Not only because they allow us to perform so many chores while saving us loads of time and effort, but also because it is extremely convenient to do anythingyou wish to do. You now have the ability to perform all of your tasks with just a few taps on your smart device all thanks to the numerous apps that have been developed and read to use! All of this can be done at the comfort of your very own fingertips with no hassle whatsoever.

You can always log into an app and get the job done. With all of these technologicaldevelopments and apps, social media has also become our very favouriteplatform that we can post everything we do while having some fun and enjoyment, make new friends, keep in touch with old ones, and many more. Due to this, knowingly or unknowingly, many unnecessary data and files may get stored on your devices.

This will be a great hassle because it will cause your device to run out of storage or even result in your device lagging and running out of battery power constantly. However, with the right app, you may be able to get rid of all this trouble. The Memory Booster app that has been developed to Clean and Boost your device is now available for all android users for absolutely free and can be installed with no hassle whatsoever using AC Market, Happymod or Aptoide. You can use Happymod app store if AC Market does not work on your device. All those are free Android app stores.

Features of Memory Booster App

The app comes with a speed booster that allows to reduce the usage of your device’s Ram by killing all of the tasks and programs running in the background with just one tap. This will help improve the speed of your device so that you can relax and play games or scroll through the web to your hearts content. You can whitelist the apps that you use on a daily basis so that they will not be killed when you’re doing the above to improve your device’s speed.

The real-time memory monitoring feature will allow you to check and monitor the RAM usage of the device you are using at any given time and see to yourself if it is in absolutely good condition or if it requires some assistance. The app also comes with a start-up boost feature which is to add the apps you do not use frequently.

This way, when you are starting your phone, they will not be activated and will reduce the usage of your RAM which will in turn save more storage space for your important documents and media files. With all of these features, you can now make sure your device’s performance is at its best.

Hurry and get your hands on the Memory Booster app that will allow you to experience the best version of your phone and you will no longer have to buy a new phone! Memory Booster app will optimise and boost its performance just right!

Clean Master, NOX Cleaner, Memory Booster, AVG Cleaner and CCleaner all are Android booster applications. Apps like Clean Master apk or NOX Cleaner apk provide extra feature top of Android boosting.