Buying TV wall mounts: A guide for new buyers!


Modern televisions are designed to have ultra-thin panels, incredible features, and it only makes sense to mount the TV at the right height, for the best viewing experience. TV wall mounts don’t have to be expensive, and there are different categories to choose from. If you are buying your first wall mount, the number of choices can be overwhelming. In this post, we are sharing all that you must know before buying one.

Consider your TV first

You only buy the wall mount, after you have purchased the TV. If you haven’t already, buy your television first. Make sure that you consider the basic aspects -size of the screen, weight of the model, and if it can be mounted (older TVs are not easy to mount). Big screens must be placed in a way that it doesn’t impact your vision or strain your eyes, that’s the first consideration.

Think of space

Do you have enough space on the wall to mount the TV? That’s one of the first questions you need to answer. Keep in mind that it is possible to mount the TV suspended from the ceiling, using a ceiling mount, just like they do in restaurants. In some homes, wall space is a constraint, so do consider that.

Buying online

Websites like have a wide range of TV mounts to choose from, and online stores are always better when it comes to getting the right price. Online dealers don’t have as many overheads, so they can always offer more discounts on most products.

Types of wall mounts

  • Fixed mounts. As the name suggests, this kind of wall mount will place your TV in one fixed position, so you cannot move it around or change the viewing angles. If budget is a concern, this is the best category to go for.
  • Tilting mounts. These mounts can be tilted to adjust the viewing angle. This only allows for vertical adjustment, and often no more than 15-degrees. However, tilting mounts are still better than fixed ones.
  • Full-articulating mount. You can move these mounts in all direction. If you are working at the other end of the room, you can move the mount and still have a smooth viewing experience.

Do consider how much weight a wall mount can withstand. As far as price is concerned, full-articulating mounts are expensive, but are totally worth the price paid. Check online to find various options.