Mistakes I Made In My First Photographic Project


A photographic project is not something that should be taken lightly; it is not a task that you can improvise, much less to which you can launch blindly. Well, that’s what I did, and I made one mistake after another. Because I did not know the steps that must be followed to carry out a photographic project I did not even know that it was necessary to have a “plan” to carry it out, because I had never taken one.

Do Not Plan

I have already commented that it was somewhat impulsive and this was my biggest mistake, from start to finish. The “number one”, the most serious. If I had planned, maybe I would have avoided other mistakes. The truth is that I am impulsive, I like to act and have quick results, once I have my photo plugins with me https://photolemur.com/blog/best-photoshop-plugins, sometimes it works for me, but it is a “tare” of birth that I have and that I have to improve if I want to achieve a photographic project that is worth seeing or show.

Overestimate My Power Over Light

I am a lover of natural light; you could have seen if you have been here for a while. But it is a mistake not to take the flash into account for occasions like this, that is, indoors, in the same place (whatever day you do), away from the window and having to photograph a specific day (your birthday, day up or day down).

Do Not Put A Title

Before starting a project, you must put a title; it is not enough to say I am going to photograph the evolution of my baby and call the folder himself, evolution Adriana. No. This should not work like this. A project must have a title; it will be part of the theme of the project. It will also give you some ideas when planning, and the https://skylum.com/blog/professional-photoshop-plugins is there for you to add effects you wish.